I used to think it was crazy that stores had Christmas inventory the day after Halloween, sometimes sooner. This year, however, I have jumped on the bandwagon... I pleaded with Chris to pull down everything Halloween and toss it in the basement so that I could start envisioning a bit of christmas cheer. Since it's still too early for a tree I thought I'd do some pre-xmas decorating with lights. They warm up a space any time of year, right? Meet twinkle tree and twinkle lights up on the mantle. I also bought this sweet reindeer candle that smells like pine. All that's left is a Christmas movie and hot chocolate and 'tis the season.




My sister in law walked into our house today and said, "oh my god, have you decorated for Christmas already?"


I have to say, that I'm also the first person to take Christmas down. I get really excited at the onset but I've had enough by the day-after-boxing-day.