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Gallery wall front

I once had two bookcases in my room but I sold them this weekend and put up a gallery wall instead.  The bookcases were good in theory but I ended up just dumping junk in them.  Things like batteries, lightbulbs, a pack of gum (Mike). Random stuff that every month or so I would sort and throw out but just add to again. It basically didn't look the way I wanted it to most of the time.  I also needed a change.  Originally I thought I would do floating shelves again but that wouldn't have eliminated my issue of random collection.  I had a bunch or art work, framed photos and mirrors that were just lying around and I decided to use what I had and get a little creative instead of spending money.  I started the process on my bedroom floor and began from the middle and worked outwards.  I just kept standing up on my bed and looking down on my progress.  It really didn't take me very long...what took a while was what Mike had to do, the actual hanging process.  Especially since his little helper isn't always the best listener.  Regardless I'm super happy with it and I love waking up to something that is so personal.  Sometimes you really do need to change things up.

As for what I still need to do well, I think I'm going to add a basket to cover one of my outlets. The one a currently have is little too low so I may have to switch a few baskets that I already have around.  I also really want to add either two small frames in the middle where there is a gap or one mid size one with a black and white print.  I have my eye on either this or this.  I just have to make up my mind but I'm leaning towards the black and white from minted.com


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