Kate, When I was on Instagram yesterday and saw Monika Hibbs white christmas (please click over to see it because I like this picture better than the one below) tree from last year I thought I thought it was so beautiful and dreamy.  It looked as though snow had just fallen all over it.  I asked Mike whether he would think I was crazy or going too far if I bought a white christmas tree to which he replied "uh, yeah" but then I showed him the picture and he said it was actually very nice and followed up with "why don't you just spray paint it."  We are big spray painters over here.  I actually love how the tree looks all lit up with out any ornaments but then again I love the whole "decorating the christmas tree" activity itself.  I have my christmas playlist, some champagne for moi and a hot chocolate for Peter and away we go.  Then I end it off with Love Actually once the kids are asleep.  Last year I kept everything silver, gold and white and I think I'm going to stick with the same this year with a few more natural aspects thrown in.  Boxwood, garland, branches.

As for Christmas, I'm the oppposite of you.  As you know the Christmas decorations are still up at New Years.  I just don't like to let go!  Plus we have Ukrainian Christmas so it gives me a good excuse to keep up the holiday spirit.

So, in a few weeks time I'll either be in my backyeard spray painting away or I'll have to source a white christmas tree because really, that tree is just too pretty to resist!

Monica Hibbs xmas tree