Kate, You know how it is, you're on vacation and suddenly it gives you license to shop!?  You wouldn't be shopping if you were at home but the second you get on a plane and land somewhere else it's open season.  Well, some things never change for me and shopping on vacation is one of them. I'm happy to say though that I've found some good deals, one of which, are these shoes.

chinese laundry

I've been loving Jenni Kayne flats for spring.  If you can afford them you should buy some because they are super cute.

Jenni kayne

I found an imitation that were leopard and a quarter of the price on mikkatmarket.com 6 months ago but alas, they did not have my size and have never restocked (sad face).  Then I went to Marshalls and low and behold I found the black version for $24.99!  That's right $24.99.

Which begs the question, why do I have to come all the way to Florida to go to Marshalls?  Is it just as good in Toronto?


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