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Amanda, Don't like the overall trend right now and can't seem to embrace the negligee dresses that are so popular. Oh no, is old age creeping in?

But I love the jumpsuit. Love that it is a one stop outfit. Love that it can be revealing or not, flattering and comfortable, dressy or casual, flirty or sexy. Here are some of my finds.





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Shoes, shoes, shoes.

Kate, Shoe shopping is a wonderful thing, isn't it.  I love that you don't have to be having a "skinny day." You say your size, if you have a pedicure all the better, and ka pow, just like that you can transform your mood.  Not to mention all the outfit possibilities that start circulating in your mind and of course you just can't wear the outfit with out having somewhere to go.  So...time to plan a girls night or a date night.  The power of buying a new pair of shoes!  So here are my current high heel loves for the season.  (Flats are a whole other ballgame).

1. I am drooling over this leopard and mint heel.  Please go on sale, please go on sale.  Continue to chant it with me...maybe it will happen.

Shoes 2



2.  I already have this stacked heel, super versatile pair.  So comfortable!  They look way better on. Enzo Angiolini.  Available at Nordstrom.

Shoes 1

3.  These valentino nude rock studs rock my world and are my dream.  Literally in my dreams.  Then again you never know...available at Nordstrom.

Shoes 3


4.  But these may have to do.  Same vibe and they also come in nude.  Sam Edelman.  Available at Nordstrom

Shoes 4


5.  This heel looks good with just about everything.  Good basic.  Again it comes in nude which I'm still deciding on.  Steve Madden.  Available at Nordstrom.

Shoes 8

6.  I love this boot/sandal.  Love, love, love.  House of Harlow.  Available at Nordstrom.

Shoes 6

7.  The mule is back.  Here's a pair from Zara.  My cousin also bought an awesome pair from Forever 21 but I cannot find them online.  Maybe take a peek in store.  Super cheap and really great on.



Decisions, decisions.  There are more but seriously, I have to cap it somewhere!


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Kate Spade

Kate, Leah and I visited the Kate Spade store yesterday.  I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures of the pretty things in there because there were plenty.  I really fell for these small/skinny bow watches.  I am a big fan of the jewlery!  And there were many swoon worthy dresses and bags in there.  What got my attention yesterday though was the glam decor.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade 2

I LOVE those pendants!  I also love those chairs and the way they play off the black and white striped rug.  As much as I love the all white look, I also love a little glamour and colour. Inspiration is everywhere.


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Amanda, Have you ever bought anything from

Leah was telling me about her cute polka dot flats she bought from there and before I knew it I was planning an entire Spring wardrobe on their site.


I'm even a sucker for the name....I know it's a marketing ploy but I feel like they've convinced me that everything is good quality.

Heard anything?


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Online Shopping

Kate, One of the things I've noticed since starting this blog is that people love sharing their finds with me.  I've received texts and emails on a great food website (that will be in an upcoming post), a west coast furniture store (again another post) and some shopping sites...that's todays post.

Trish emailed me this site and girl, is it a find!  I love it.  It ranges in price and it is right on the mark for both trends and classics.  I pretty much want everything, not happening, but a girl can dream.  Here it is,

The second one is

I have purchased a few things from here and love it all.  Again, some classic pieces and some trendy.  Great pricing!  I'm currently coveting these pieces.




Now that I'm on a roll about what I'm wanting online I thought I would again share my love for Jenny Bird.  Her new spring collection is out and there are two things I really really love.

Jenny Bird 1

Jenny Bird 2

Hope you enjoy the sites as much as I do.  Sometimes it's a form of torture though and in that case, I'm sorry!







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Kate, You know how it is, you're on vacation and suddenly it gives you license to shop!?  You wouldn't be shopping if you were at home but the second you get on a plane and land somewhere else it's open season.  Well, some things never change for me and shopping on vacation is one of them. I'm happy to say though that I've found some good deals, one of which, are these shoes.

chinese laundry

I've been loving Jenni Kayne flats for spring.  If you can afford them you should buy some because they are super cute.

Jenni kayne

I found an imitation that were leopard and a quarter of the price on 6 months ago but alas, they did not have my size and have never restocked (sad face).  Then I went to Marshalls and low and behold I found the black version for $24.99!  That's right $24.99.

Which begs the question, why do I have to come all the way to Florida to go to Marshalls?  Is it just as good in Toronto?


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The White Jean

White skinny Kate,

I initially was going to do a post on all white clothing.  I have found several white clothing picks but realized that it would be a never ending post so I am going to focus on the white jean for now.  Spring is coming soon, I know it feels like it's never coming... but it is, it really really is! Here's the thing when I'm back in TO I will be wearing my white jean even if there is still snow on the ground.  I am doing Spring even if Toronto isn't! Besides, I have read that the white jean is chic and a staple at all times.

I know a lot of us think that the white jean isn't flattering but I think it's just that we haven't found the right pair for our bodies.  I also think a white jean is ageless.  It also makes me think of summering on Nantucket (I have never done this but if you know me, you know I am obsessed with Nantucket and when I go my white jean will be with me.)

I love the boyfriend jean and Gap currently has a white sexy boyfriend available.  If you are looking for a boyfriend jean you really can't beat the Gap sexy boyfriend.  They are the right price ($69.95) and really the expensive versions do not look or fit any better. Trust me! Here they are,

sexy boyfriend


Here are another cute boyfriend pair if you must spend more!


Next up the skinny.  As much as I love a good boyfriend jean, I love a skinny jean more.  Especially one with lots of stretch.  I love this look below.

white skinny 2


So I went hunting on piperlime and J Brand doesn't ever fail.


I like this above the ankle version as well and they are more affordable.

above the ankle

These ripped at the knee pair are kinda calling my name.


The last option for those of you out there that want a pair of skinny white jeans, is heading back to good ol' Gap.  I have a pair of their legging jean that I always get comments on.  (No one ever believes they are from Gap)  I was in the store today and they said the white legging jean should be in stores next week.  So until then I am going to hold off on the on line shopping.  Do you already have a pair?



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Swimsuits continued

Amanda, On the topic of swimsuits, since I too, will be donning one soon... I picked out some faves.

However, I am quite weary about buying online after last year: do you recall my saga? I was so excited about a swimsuit purchase from Jcrew and anxiously awaited it's arrival in the mail. Then it came and looked horrendous. So then I returned it and purchased a new one, again super excited to try it on, sure that this one was the right choice. Again, massively disappointed. Had to return it a second time and finally got a third suit that I wore in Florida because I couldn't admit a third wrongdoing... Only to shop at Marshall's and find two swimsuits that I absolutely adore for 1/4 of the price of my Jcrew suit.

moral: don't buy Jcrew?

here are my pics:


imageI was thinking maybe this one, just to see the look on the in laws' faces when I emerged with it on to take the kids to the pool....granted, it wouldn't look exactly like this.


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Kate, Toronto got a serious dumping of snow yesterday.  On the bright side of things, it looked terribly beautiful and it was nice to cozy up by a fire.  So, you may ask why am I writing about swimsuits!?  Well because for the lucky folks, we get to escape to warmer weather to show off our pasty bodies.  Yahoo! (I remember in my early 20's going to tanning salons to avoid the pasty skin problem.  What was I thinking!?!)

Which brings me to the ever dreaded  excursion that is swimsuit shopping.  First of all, I will not be stepping inside any change room with bad lighting that shows off my every flaw. Why is the lighting so bad! Or do I actually look like!?  But if you must, I suggest you go armed with a song to sing in your head while trying the suits on...maybe a little Rupaul "Supermodel work!" (Ha ha ha, I'm just joking but not really.)  So here are the suits/bikinis that I'm decided through online.




Nanetteblk one piece

tan bikiniscalloped b

1. Free people 2. revolveclothing 3. asos and the last 4 are all available on shopbop.

Decisions, decisions...