White skinny Kate,

I initially was going to do a post on all white clothing.  I have found several white clothing picks but realized that it would be a never ending post so I am going to focus on the white jean for now.  Spring is coming soon, I know it feels like it's never coming... but it is, it really really is! Here's the thing when I'm back in TO I will be wearing my white jean even if there is still snow on the ground.  I am doing Spring even if Toronto isn't! Besides, I have read that the white jean is chic and a staple at all times.

I know a lot of us think that the white jean isn't flattering but I think it's just that we haven't found the right pair for our bodies.  I also think a white jean is ageless.  It also makes me think of summering on Nantucket (I have never done this but if you know me, you know I am obsessed with Nantucket and when I go my white jean will be with me.)

I love the boyfriend jean and Gap currently has a white sexy boyfriend available.  If you are looking for a boyfriend jean you really can't beat the Gap sexy boyfriend.  They are the right price ($69.95) and really the expensive versions do not look or fit any better. Trust me! Here they are,


sexy boyfriend


Here are another cute boyfriend pair if you must spend more!



Next up the skinny.  As much as I love a good boyfriend jean, I love a skinny jean more.  Especially one with lots of stretch.  I love this look below.

white skinny 2


So I went hunting on piperlime and J Brand doesn't ever fail.




I like this above the ankle version as well and they are more affordable.

above the ankle



These ripped at the knee pair are kinda calling my name.



The last option for those of you out there that want a pair of skinny white jeans, is heading back to good ol' Gap.  I have a pair of their legging jean that I always get comments on.  (No one ever believes they are from Gap)  I was in the store today and they said the white legging jean should be in stores next week.  So until then I am going to hold off on the on line shopping.  Do you already have a pair?



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