So, Florida was great!  Although I don't love it quite the way Kate does, I must say, that over the past 4 years it has slowly grown on me to the point that I can say that I REALLY didn't want to come home and I'm looking forward to going back....which has NEVER happened before.  It may never be California in my book, I actually went into the bathroom at my family's house and cried the last time I left, but it has it's own special charms.  Charms like grouper, I ate soooo much grouper (all fried of course), crab, shrimp, cheap wine, great beaches, cheap wine, fantastic ice cream shops....these are the reasons why I came home and put on jeans and was like "ohhhh, those darn dresses really can be deceiving!"  Cue the treadmill. But back to reality!  My reality was pretty sweet this week.  On Tuesday, I spent the whole day looking at marble.  I walked into that first showroom and just beamed with joy!  I had to call Kate just to tell her how happy I was in that moment.  So here's a look at my day.  You can just marvel at the beautiful marble with me.

The boards are samples of the tile we have already chosen with our client for their bathrooms. Each board is a different bathroom.  Enjoy!






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