Amanda always talks about her obsession with California. She wants to move there or in the least travel there once a year. I've only been once, and while I loved it and intend to return, my love affair is actually with Florida. Mainly because my in-laws started the tradition of vacationing here every year in March so it has become a part of our fabric. You may remember last year when we were on North Captiva, a boat access island, a really unique experience. This year, however, we found an island that doesn't require a boat but has loads of charm and character just the same. It was best described to me as Florida cottage country. It has that "walk around barefoot" kind of feel. There's a local ice cream joint filled with penny candy and a donut store run by surfers. There's a free trolley that drives up and down the island but most people just ride their bikes.

Appropriately, I took a bike ride in my bathing suit to snap some pictures of some of the character-filled homes on the island. This is just a snapshot, but it paints such a colourful picture of Anna Maria real estate, especially in comparison to the typical Toronto home. This is part of why I love Florida so much!


This is Casa Krasic above.

IMG_5502I love this house because it looks kind of Mediterranean.


Ummm, white picket fence!


This one looks like cartoon characters might live in it.


Great colour combo.


This one just looks so balanced.

When I was little I used to play a game where I'd pick my favourite house on every street. Everyone played that game, right? Anyway, that mediterranean is my fave. Yours?

On another note, the weather, as you can see from the pictures, has been phenomenal. Hope I'm not jinxing it. Chris has been catching sharks and the kids bounce from the beach to the pool. Did I mention how much I love Florida?