Q design drapery hosted a fantastic workshop last week and hosted Wendy Hicken from Interior Design Master Class, who spoke about the importance of social media for your business. I learned so much, and won't replay the entire talk, but I walked away thinking I really have to make a better effort to blog and pin and instagram.... but my god it takes so much time! Amanda and I used to blog several days a week and then we decided to start a business which has taken up more hours in our day than we ever imagined. But we love sharing our progress and are going to try to make a greater effort to expose our journey. So...

Amanda and I are working on a little girls room. We started with a grey and pink palette and ended up adding black and white to the mix when we fell in love with a black headboard. Oh and maybe there is a touch of gold in a mix. The idea is that this little girls room will appeal to the 6 year old that it belongs to but will also stand the test of time and still appeal to an older girl with a couple tweaks throughout the years.

Here's our concept:

We are also working on a little boys room. He's got two single beds in his room for sleepover purposes so the beds are the focus. We decided to give him a rustic room with barn board headboards and navy and white accents - maybe a bit of yellow to brighten things up. Here's our concept:

We are so excited to share the finished product but it won't be for a couple weeks. Amanda is already in Florida and I'm headed there next week.


p.s. I ran into a high school friend a couple days ago who said he read our blog once and was fully making fun of our "About Us" page. He said we sound like blah blah soul mates blah blah we love each others taste blah blah. Anyway, I love that he called us out on that. And I love that he read it and remembered. We probably won't change our page but apologize if we come across totally sappy and drippy:)