We've been in Florida for a week now, can't believe how fast the time is going. In light of how cold it was when I left Toronto, I am especially enjoying being here. I got a burn my first day! My skin is peeling! I don't even care! Seriously, I love Florida so much. The kids play at the beach or swim in the pool and I occasionally go to Target. It's a dream.

On another note, has everyone seen Bryan Baumler's newest construction: In the Sticks? Amanda and I are obsessing over it. The highlight for me is the common area - the kitchen, with the double island, the european range, the lighting, the offset fireplace and the marble.... it is beyond.

Check it out.

Pictures courtesy of hgtv

That dining room is also pretty spectacular, particularly the glass table and the gold accented chairs. Check out hgtv photos for the kids bedrooms and exterior photos, including a master to die for.