Kate, Remember how I wrote about how the art in your home should have meaning to you?  Well, I was looking at the art in my powder room and it got me thinking about New York.  Like the rest of the world, I love New York.  This is not an original sentiment.  It is a place like no other.  New York was the place where Mike and I took our first trip away from Peter.  It was glorious!  Not that I didn't miss my little sweetheart but going out to restaurants late, drinking as much wine as I wanted, without a thought of the consequences of the following day was wonderful to say the least.  What better place to indulge than in New York...other than maybe Paris.  Anyways, we went to great restaurants and to great museums.  One of which was the Guggenheim.  I love the Guggenheim. The architecture is breathtaking in it's simplicity.  The white, the curves, the calmness really allows you to appreciate the art.  When we went they were having a picasso exhibit.  We bought post cards to remember our time there and when I got home I framed them and hung them in our powder room.  Every time I go in there I think about our trip.  The art has meaning to us.

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3

Bathroom 4

Which got me thinking about how much I want to go back.  Karen and I were talking about a girls trip...