Kate, I'm sitting here feeling guilty because I should be exercising.  The problem - I hate my basement. The basement is where my reformer sits.  It's a very lonely reformer.  My basement is a far cry from your beautiful basement.  So I started thinking what we needed to get accomplish in order to make it a place where the kids can play, where we can exercise and watch movies.  We need to update the flooring and lighting which is easy because I'm pretty clear on what I want.  What I'm currently pondering is whether to white wash/stain the wood on the walls or to just paint it white. I'm currently leaning towards white washing.  That's this evenings decision anyways.

White washed wood 1

White washed wood 2

White washed 3

White washed 4

White washed 5

Ok, enough procrastinating.  I'm going to go do some pilates and then watch Mindy from last night....maybe with some mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt.


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