Amanda, After my wreath post I had some people ask about where to buy them. Coincidentally, I have bought almost every one of my wreaths from the same place. So I popped in today and asked permission to snap some pics of Oleander - a most beautiful flower shop in the Kingsway. Jen always has gorgeous arrangements and does a fabulous job with her window so that you can't help but be lured in...

I've always had a thing for flower shops and bookstores. Two places that I imagined would be amazing to own. A flower shop because you are surrounded by natural beauty and a bookstore because you are surrounded by knowledge and imagination. Hmm, just thought of something. Maybe a hybrid - two stores in one and add beautiful home goods to the mix. Oh wait, that's Chapters.

Here is oleander in its glory:

Imagine my joy to be amongst terrariums, wreaths and fresh cut tulips. I brought some pretty white ones home. Visit Oleander Floral Design's Facebook page for details.