Amanda, I was so excited to gain a basement in our new home. It was one of those things that I realized was important after M1 and M2 came along. I had spent countless hours in  Catherine's basement, amazed that all her kids toys were in one place and not visible to friends and guests. So I was giddy to get one of my own and anxious to set up a playroom away from the main part of the house.

Here's a sneak peek.

Things I love are the carpeted floor, the big windows (which you can't see in the pictures because its on the media side of the room) the ikea storage and the chalkboard that Brianna bought me because she saw it on Queen st and said that it reminded her of me.

The room was a collaboration of bits from Mila's nursery, pillows from our old living room, the kids table is our old kitchen table (cut down to kiddie size.) The bunting I made and the toys are all courtesy of friends and family on birthdays and celebrations. Note the cabbage patch dolls and my child's.

The room is fun and appeals to both genders and best of all, hidden from the rest of the house.