Kate, On Tuesday Mike and I went to Grand Electric after our playdate.  We like to go for lunch because we can bring the kids and walk right in and get a table.  Whenever we go there we always talk about moving back to Parkdale.  I always get very nostalgic for that time in our lives. I know some might think I'm crazy for wanting to move back to Parkdale but I loved living there plus I could eat tacos all the time!  Well, this Tuesday was the first time that there was no talk of moving back and I think it's all because of this weather and what it made me realize. I've had a real sense of appreciation for my dead end street since Sunday and everything that goes along with it.  I picture our springs and summers from now on watching the kids play, hanging on the porch with our neighbours, who are now our friends.  Which made me realize that I need to spruce up our porch because it is UGLY!  Here's my inspiration.


PorchI'm not sure if our porch will ever be white but I would sure love it to be lighter.  I also want those pillows and a great and comfortable place to sit and watch the world go by.  Preferably with a glass of wine in hand or an IPA. (Am I way behind on this beer? I just discovered it and I love it.  I don't even like beer and I love this).

Anyways, I must cut this short because we have to get back outside.  Peter's scooter is calling. Time to go up and down and up and down the street.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


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