Amanda, As you know, babies are being born all around me.

My girlfriend Kim gave birth to Angus a couple months ago across the country and I'm awaiting to meet him at the end of the month.

Three weeks ago I met baby Luca, who is just darling and slept peacefully in my arms. I relished his newborn smell and his perfect little features.

This week my best friend gave birth to her second, sweet sweet Oscar, who is the new member of our not-blood related family. He is tiny and beautiful and I marvel that you can love someone before you even know them.

Seeing babies makes me nostalgic about the entry of my two into the world. Each birth was such a special time and I think I will remember the details of both forever. What stands out with M1 was the strength of my love for him, since he was my first and I had never felt it before. I remember lying in bed and feeling scared by how much I loved him. My entire happiness was now tied to his. Oh boy.

With M2 it was the day in the hospital that we spent just me, Chris and her. I felt so peaceful and relaxed. I knew it would be chaotic once we were home with a toddler and newborn so I basked in the beauty of my new baby girl and enjoyed every moment with just her.

I sit here now, almost 5 years after M1, watching them build a house made out of pillows together in front of me while I try to get in a blog entry. Thoroughly amazed by them. Still madly in love with them. Totally exhausted by them.

Congrats to all the mommas out there. Thinking of you as you nurse and soothe and fret. It's a crazy ride, isn't it?

I have found some beautiful nurseries if you need inspiration. Turns out Scandinavia + Nursery = lovely.

I'm also adding a link to M2's room, a long-time-ago post. I still love her room. Thank goodness.






I love how gentle each room feels, like it would soothe a baby right to sleep on his own.

Yeah, right.