Kate, I popped open a bottle of vino.  Had a little MJ, Otis Redding and Louis Armstrong playing and made one of my standby summer meals.  I know it's not feeling very summery out but what the hey, I went for it anyways.  I love this Gwyneth Paltrow recipe.  She recommends salmon but I used Cod and have used several different types of white fish and it always works.


The corn salad on the side is as simple as can be and compliments it perfectly, if I do say so myself.  It's just corn, avocado and grape tomatoes.  The dressing is - juice of one lime, zest of half a lime, a small handful of chopped cilantro (do it!), olive oil (I just pour a few tablespoons) a drop of white wine vinegar and salt and pepper.  Pour it over the rest and done!


The kiddos are asleep and now we are going to fire up an episode of Suits, Parenthood and Scandal.  Happiness is!

Enjoy your Friday evening all.



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