Kate, I feel badly about my little blog break.  My energy level has been below zero since Sunday and yesterday was the first day that I started feeling like I wasn't digging deep into the reserves. What energy I had went to the kids, where it belongs.  I actually started contemplated a cleanse that a friend recommended until I read that it's not suitable for women who are nursing, that put the breaks on that plan for renewed energy.  B vitamins, good food and exercise it is! (As I sit here eating gummy berries)

Anyways, I've continued to think about our chat today about our blog.  About how we both often feel like we must seem soooooooo superficial!  I want, I need, I bought, I want to change! Without the context of the rest of our lives it really must seem all so shallow.  The truth is we are the most obsessed with our families.  Our children, much like everyone we know, are our life and our joy.  I have to constantly check my first world problems at the door and remind myself to be grateful. Grateful and happy we are, thankfully!  Aside from that though, comes the passion for our homes and the outlet that is creativity.  This blog has brought us great fulfillment and it's fun! Sometimes it all shouldn't be so serious and worrisome and heavy.  So with that thought in mind here's my new dress! (ha ha, just trying to keep it light)

dress 1

dress 2

I hope this blog is fun for you and takes you away from some of your stresses and worries.  And most of all, like Kate wrote in our About page, we hope it inspires you to do something that you LOVE in your own home.