Kate, One of the things I've noticed since starting this blog is that people love sharing their finds with me.  I've received texts and emails on a great food website (that will be in an upcoming post), a west coast furniture store (again another post) and some shopping sites...that's todays post.

Trish emailed me this site and girl, is it a find!  I love it.  It ranges in price and it is right on the mark for both trends and classics.  I pretty much want everything, not happening, but a girl can dream.  Here it is,


The second one is www.mikkatmarket.com

I have purchased a few things from here and love it all.  Again, some classic pieces and some trendy.  Great pricing!  I'm currently coveting these pieces.




Now that I'm on a roll about what I'm wanting online I thought I would again share my love for Jenny Bird.  http://jenny-bird.com  Her new spring collection is out and there are two things I really really love.

Jenny Bird 1

Jenny Bird 2

Hope you enjoy the sites as much as I do.  Sometimes it's a form of torture though and in that case, I'm sorry!