Kate, We are not having company over tonight so I just made a salad but it's a great salad.  It must seem like all I eat are salads from my two food posts this week but trust me this is not the case!  I needed something healthy to give me energy because this week has totally zonked me with Isla's teething and our lack of sleep.  I usually tend to get into a lot of easy, not so healthy options when I'm feeling this tired (pizza yesterday) but really what is needed is food that makes you feel energized and not like heavy hippo.

The salad was really easy because I made the brown rice in advance and just bought a rotisserie chicken.  On top of that it has feta cheese, grape tomato, chickpeas, spinach and avocado.  I made a honey mustard dressing and voila!  Super easy and very healthy. ( I know some of you may be thinking really!? Brown rice and salad but honestly it's delicious).


Enjoy your Friday night!