Kate, I finally went to a dance class last night. It was wonderful and painful!  Just like I remembered it to be.  Actually, truth be told, I kinda forgot the unforgiving ways of a ballet teacher and actually burst out in laughter because of the amount of pain I was in, which was met with a withering look. To say I am sore today is an understatement.  This left me with trying to come up with some calm activities to occupy the day.  So we painted!  Here are Peter's masterpieces.

Art 2

Art 3

I helped a bit and I did that black and white dotted piece.  Here's my mostly white piece.  I don't know why I do this so sparingly because it really was so much fun.  Especially for Peter.  His enthusiasm and pride made me so very happy.

Art 1


I moved on to Ikea to get the floating shelves I need for my dining room and was tempted by this idea for my kitchen.



I finished off with dinner at my parents where my mom made this amazingly beautiful and delicious salad.  It's arugula, spinach, fennel, roasted golden beets, candied walnuts and feta with a balsamic vinaigrette.  It's key to have a high quality balsamic vinegar.


Overall it was a lovely day.  On to folding laundry this evening....waah waah.