Amanda, I've been so excited about the latest addition to our home: not a baby, not a puppy, but a library! Well, that might be a bit of a stretch.... its a wall to wall bookshelf that is the closest thing I'm going to get to a library.

Remember a while back I talked about a house not being a home until pictures are hung? Well, I'm adding books to the list. There is a quote by Plato that reads: "A house that has a library has a soul." I concur.

I've always admired those gorgeous pinterest libraries - rooms of books and only books. Like this:

Home Library Design Inspiration  37 Home Library Design Ideas With a Jay Dropping Visual and Cultural Effect

Mine isn't quite the same but I'm excited nonetheless.

Here it is freshly installed:




Now my hope is to fill this bookshelf so full of books that I am prying to add one to the mix. To my dismay, I realized that my collection has become quite limited with the age of Kobo and my latest purge when we moved last spring. I'm cursing myself for donating so many books!

Chris suggested, after surveying our empty library, that we go and buy a box of books from The Goodwill.  BUT I firmly believe that our little library should only consist of the books that we've amassed on our own, with the intention of each being read and remembered or already read and enjoyed.

So we settled on adding plants and artwork to fill some of the void.









I think my post on 'pops of colour' somewhat influenced the groupings of this library.

Please buy me a book for my birthday.


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