Kate, You know how I've been talking about changing my living room and dining room (it's open concept) for a few months now.  The living room is a work in progress with the mantel and changing the furniture and the addition of art.  That will be posted once it's finished, that is if the mantel stops sucking up paint!  Mike has primed it 3 times and painted it twice and yet it doesn't look much different.  It's very thirsty!

So now I've decided on tackling the dining room.  I always dream about open shelving in my kitchen but have accepted that's not happening for a while, so I thought why not do it in my dining room.  I'm going to sell my china hutch and move the console in it's place and do open shelving for art and china.  So bye bye china hutch!


I'm off to do the pilates I promised I would start.  Here's to endorphins!  Enjoy the day.



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