I know I've told you about this place but I don't think you've ever been.  I've been contemplating this post for a little while because it's not the kind of place that has a ton of everything.  They make small quantities of everything and if you don't make it there early you are probably out of luck with their insanely delicious danishes.  I am talking light, flaky, beautifully delicate and delicious.  Mike always says "someone was paying attention in pastry school!"

They also make great desserts.  Beautiful lemon tarts, eclairs, macaroons.  On top of that they make savoury danishes and croissants.  I found out about this place through my uncle Wies who I always trust when it comes to food and I've heard from a different source that the coffee is also great.  This is worth the drive to Jane and Annette. (It's next to the coffee place on the corner of Jane and Annette.  North/East corner).

Danish 2



It's worth the drive.  Trust me!  But, please please please leave me one mixed berry and chocolate chip danish!


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