Kate, Risotto

Mike and I were supposed to go out on our first "date night" in 6 months last Friday night.  We were going to go to this great tapas restaurant followed by a brewery where they have a live band.  Well, that all got scratched when I saw fresh lobster, scallops and shrimp followed by the aroma of shallots cooking on the stove.  While I feel bad that I nixed our night out over seafood risotto, I'm happy to say that the dish lived up to my expectations and more!

This is a combo of a few different seafood risotto recipes that Spence and Jan have tried and Spence has perfected.  This is the type of recipe that apparently is perfect for about 4 people (always ends up perfect) but he doubled it for us since there were 7 of us (for some reason  it is sometimes dicey when doubled).  Expect to be at the stove chatting with a glass of wine for about 30-40 min with your company.  Open up a really nice bottle of white wine and enjoy!


Arborio rice, Sauvignon Blanc, whatever seafood you like, broth (recipe and ingredients follow), olive oil, 1 shallot, 2 cloves garlic, 1 lemon (to zest), tarragon, parm cheese ( 1 cup), butter.

First you have to make the broth in advance but it's very easy so instead of just buying it take this extra step!


Carrots-a handful or so.

2 Onions

Garlic- a few cloves.

fennel and leeks or celery.

3 cans water and 3 cans seafood stock.

Boil and simmer for an hour.


So this is the part where you pour yourself a big glass of wine because you will be chained to the stove for a while.

Also pour one glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Viogner and let sit at room temperature for the risotto.

Prep- Mince everything below and keep seperate.

1 Shallot, 2 cloves, 1 large lemon zest, 2 tbsp of tarragon.

Side note - Make sure broth is hot when starting the rice process.  Boiling with small bubbles - too hot is not good.


1) Lightly sear seafood with garlic+shallot+oil+salt+pepper.  Spence likes to add chili flakes as well.  Remove from pan  and put aside.  Try to remove the seafood while leaving everything else in the pan.

2)  Medium heat.  Use the same pan and pour two cups of rice in (add more oil if necessary).   The idea is to lightly brown the rice. (3-5 min)

3) Add the wine ( 2/3 cup or so) lemon zest, tarragon.  Let wine evaporate than add the broth.

-start with 2 laddles of broth.  Simmer over medium/low heat until all the liquid absorbs stirring often.  Then add only 1 laddle of broth every time it evaporates.  Again, make sure broth is always slightly boiling.

The entire rice/broth process takes apprx. 30 min.  After 30 min taste.  Rice should be tender and creamy.

4) Finally- add in the seafood + parm cheese (most seafood recipes will tell you not to add cheese but I'm not changing a thing) and 2 tablespoons butter, s & p to taste.  Cook for maybe 5 more min and serve immediately.

I have not made this yet but I will make it for you and Chris when we are all back!  It was amazing.  Go forth and try it for yourself!


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