Kate, As you know, the bathrooms in our home were the one thing that were already updated when we bought the home.  While it was great for our pocketbook and the budget, it wasn't the best in terms of my taste.  I like the bathrooms just fine but I certainly don't love them.  I dream of a white bathroom or at least very pale colours.  This week I did a lot of pining on bathrooms.

#1- I love the combo of brass and white and black in this washroom.  The sconces are gorgeous and the black grout looks spectacular.

bathroom 3

#2- This has the same dark grout in the first picture but I love the addition of the off center round mirror.  Notice the plants!

Bathroom 5


#3- I love the marble tile in this picture.  I especially love the little shelves and the idea of a plant in the shower.

Bathroom 1

#4- The wood, the plant, and the white sparkling tile make me drool!  I love the natural elements mixed with the pure white.

bathroom 2


I cannot wait to one day do my bathrooms again.  Until then, I will always have pinterest!