Amanda, There is something in the Florida air that makes me crave ice cream.... So you are not alone. Someone bought Klondike bars and they are all I can think about. Eating one now, actually.

I agree with the whole white bathroom thing. All of my bathrooms are white on more white and that was purposeful. There is something about getting clean in a white bathroom with a white towel. However, I came across a bathroom the other day that had a black iron shower enclosure - it looked like a window. I fell in love. Had total buyers regret. I wished that I had seen this picture before our renovation.

So my pics are inspired by the opposite of white:


Isn't that enclosure beautiful? Here's another take:


Both are so lovely.

But now check out this black tile here:


The gloss black with the gold fixtures is amazing.

And here is another example of black and gold.


Not to mention how stunning those herringbone floors are. They really soften the space.

Have I changed your mind?


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