Kate, I am enjoying the sun!  I've also been enjoying my ice cream and vino a little too much and fear that I may be an unrecognizable by the time I get back to Toronto.  Every day I tell myself that I must start running! It's as though if I just say it and then forget to do it that it counts for something.  I need your positive influence Kate!  I know if you were here you would force me to put down the ice cream and get my running shoes on.  Our runs would be quite comical though just like in the past-you would be chatting away running, like it were nothing, and I would be clomping and heaving along side you asking you to stop!  Really though I am going to start tomorrow...Bahahahah.

On to lovely pins.  I noticed a pattern this week with my pining- lighting!  A lot of pendants and sconces.

#1- I love this pendant.  I have pinned a large and small version.  I haven't even looked up the price since I have a feeling it's very pricey.

lighting 1

lighting 2

#2- This simple beautiful pendant.  I picture this over an island or even along side a bed over a bedside table.

lighting 3

#3- Another Pendant. Maybe because I am in Florida and feeling beachy but I love this for a dining room or for a baby girl nursery.


#4- This sconce.  It could go in a bedroom, nursery or along side a fireplace.  Gorgeous!

Allison K

#5- I love this brass fixture.  I would love this in my bedroom.

lighting 4


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