Amanda, Coffee is such an integral part of home life for most of us. The smell as it brews, the ritual it provides, the injection of energy and it's delicious taste. I love it all and I know you do too. So I thought I would devote my "lovely pins" post to coffee and it's friends.

1. The mug. I exclusively have white mugs at our house - personal preference. My dad, however, drinks from a mug M1 (my son) painted for him. My girlfriend Mel has a Starbucks mug collection from all the cities she has travelled to that have a Starbucks (many.) Brianna picked up a set of vintage mugs at an antique shop off the side of the highway on the way to my cottage. Mugs can say a lot about a person.

2. I have two modes of making coffee in my house. Would find it hard to live without either. I'm coveting the metallic versions of both: nespresso machine and gold bodum. See below.

3. Sometimes it's just nice to go out for coffee.


Hope you are enjoying yours with the sun streaming in.

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