Amanda, Last night I was out for dinner with the Tuesday night girls for Heather's birthday. We went to Church on Queen (a converted Church turned restaurant.. Really cool dark vibe in there) but that's another post.

Mellany was talking about the most recent "Women in Toys Conference" that she was a part of and an award she presented to the woman who came up with Goldieblox - the engineering toy for little girls. See here:


It was just a coincidence that I came across a similar new toy, designed for little girls with engineering in mind but that would have knocked our socks off when we were kids...

A design your own house kit!!! All the materials to build, design and even wire your own home. How cool is that?

Similar to Goldieblox, two female engineers came up with the concept and they call it Roominate.

See here:

To find out more, go to

M2 is definitely getting one for her 6th Birthday.


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