Amanda, I'm starting to use up random items in my fridge before we leave for Florida. I had a couple lemons that were looking tired and I thought I would make one of our favourite stove candles. It is such a great way to make your house smell beautiful and dispense of citrus fruits.

With two dogs in the house and poopy diapers I am often paranoid that someone walking into my house might be accosted by the wrong kind of smell. I don't love the smell of incense and I tried one of those Lampe Berger and could never get the right scent.

So my go-to is a bit of lemon or orange rind and ginger in boiling water. Let it just simmer for as long as it lasts. But if I don't have ginger sticks I might use vanilla or another extract and today I tried some grapefruit... that turned out really well too. Use your imagination! Its definitely a personal preference.

My house smelled lovely. Too bad I was the only one home.