Amanda, So I'm watching "Alvin and the Chipmunks" -the movie, and I'm completely distracted by Dave's house in the film. My first thought was, can't believe a single guy lives here... It's such a cute place. Then I see the little alleyway that it's located on and all I can think is, I need to find out where that is and how to move there.

Turns out, it's located in Hollywood (of course) and it's a place called "St. Andrews bungalow court." This is what I found out about it through

St. Andrews Bungalow Court is an historic renovation of a rare Hollywood bungalow courtyard that had fallen into severe disrepair, become a magnet for illegal activity and was slated for demolition.

This project now provides 16 homes to formerly homeless individuals and households living with disabilities. St. Andrews Bungalow Court is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has received numerous renovation awards, including a 1996 Preservation Design Award from the California Preservation Foundation.

So now I like it even more! I love a house with a story.

Here are some pics:

Since I'm on the topic of homes I love in the movies... I adore Meryl Streep's home in "It's Complicated." Particularly the kitchen. It's warm and inviting with jars of flour and ready to eat food everywhere. The kind of kitchen you want to spend an afternoon in.

Unfortunately the story here, according to is not as heart warming as the former since it turns out that the exterior of the house in the film is true to form but the interior was shot on set in NewYork. Still lovely but not quite the dream I had created in my head.

I guess I'm staying in Toronto.