Kate, This morning really made me feel like mother of the year! (I am saying that with as much sarcasm as I can muster)  It was a tough morning to say the least.  It was a morning of negotiations, threats and crying.  When I got home this afternoon, lunch was more of the same, I felt like I needed a drink!  Since I can't do that yet, that's for tonight with my bf, I thought about another soothing beverage.  Tea!  My grandmother dries her own mint and basil from her garden in the summer and gives it to me to enjoy all winter long.  It really is a lovely thing to do rather than buy tea.  Mint is also really lovely after dinner.  When I make it I do 3/4 mint and 1/4 basil.


Tea 2

Also, thank you to the fellow moms who share their woes.  It makes you feel okay not to be "mom of the year" every day!  I hope you too can enjoy whatever it is that comforts and soothes your nerves.  To a better day tomorrow!