Kate, When I was admiring your post on the baby shower I noticed that Julia was wearing a statement necklace.  I LOVE statement necklaces!  I have a few but only really love one, which is a mix of pearls with a brass chunky chain, that I got from Club Monaco.  I've dressed it up, for a wedding, and dressed it down for a dinner out, and it just adds a lot to any outfit.  The other reason I love a good necklace is because, as you know, I can barely wear any other jewelry since giving birth to Peter! So sad, but I can barely get away with wearing my engagement and wedding rings a few days before I get a nasty allergic reaction to them.  The same thing happens with earrings but the reaction is even quicker. We are talking hours before my ear lobes are red and swollen.

So I have adjusted and moved on to necklaces.  Here are my current obsessions.

#1- Anthropologie.


#2-Banana Republic

banana necklace

#3- Sabine.  Available on Piperlime. (Most affordable)


#4- Jenny Bird. Side note- This reminds me a lot of the one I already have but I do LOVE it.  Also, Mike's cousin has it so I would be copying her.  Then again, she lives in New York so it's not like we run in the same circles!

Jenny Bird

#5- Amber Sceats.  I also like her Freya and Oracle necklaces.  These are the most $ of the bunch i.e not happening!  Available at Gee Beauty. Necklace_Silver_ASN0085SGF-220x220

Kate Spade also always has beautiful statement necklaces but I have enough to decide through already.  I would love feedback!