Kate, Yesterday I went to Ikea to pick up some frames for the home we are decorating.  Again, I promised frozen yogurt at the end if Peter was a good boy.  (Are you noticing a trend...I also added in the threat of the ever dreaded stroller if he was not behaving.)  Finally, I got, I mean Peter got, his frozen yogurt.  Here's the thing, when you threaten with frozen yogurt you are also taking your possibility of a treat away I have realized!  So enough about that, I have decided to share my new favourite thing at Ikea.  Their new lamps.


I got the table lamp version.  Here it is behind my couch on my console.  I'm loving the mix of brass, black and white.


I think I may get the floor lamp as well once I figure out the rest of the room which wont be until I finally get that fireplace in.