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I don't think I have ever made this for you but it's one of those things I make that is always devoured and I am always asked for the recipe afterwards.  So I thought I would share it with everyone!  I had it once at a party and asked for the recipe and it's been a staple in our house ever since.  I also really like it for a dinner party because you can make it a head of time and just enjoy the evening while it bakes.  It's kinda like a messy enchilada with more stuff in it.

This is not an exact science but here's the jist.  You can half this as well which I do for just Mike and I.

Cilantro, a few handfuls chopped. (even if you say you don't like it)

Green enchilada sauce- I use La Victoria or San Miguel.

5 or 6 chicken breasts depending on the size.

Green onions-a full bunch only white and light green needed.

Black olives (if you don't like olives this is optional but it's also good for texture)

Corn tortillas (Don't use wheat as they are not firm enough)

Cheese that's already shredded at La tortilleria or Monteray Jack.

I just go to La Tortilleria which is either on Dufferin at Bloor or on Kipling just north of Norseman and get the sauce, corn tortillas and cheese.  I also like the La Victoria Sauce a little bit better.

Cook your chicken with whatever spices you like.  I do cumin, chili powder and s & p on the bbq or you can poach the chicken so it's nice and moist.  Make sure you don't over cook it.  Chop the chicken into small pieces.

In a 9 x13 baking dish pour a little green sauce and spread.  Next do one layer of corn tortillas.  It's ok if they overlap.

Spread more sauce evenly, then sprinkle chicken, chopped cilantro and green onion and olives and top with the shredded cheese.  Again do another layer starting with the tortillas.  There should be 2 layers of the chicken mixture but sometimes I do 3.  Like I said it's not an exact science.  After the last layer of tortillas I spread a little more sauce and top with cheese.

Put in a 400 degree oven and cook until bubbling and melted.  About 25 min.

That's it.  I usually do a corn, tomato and avocado salad on the side.  That will be the next recipe.

Hope you enjoy it!


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