Kate, Remember a few weeks back when I told you I got into my Pj's at 5 pm and was so happy about it that I wanted to actually update it on my facebook status!  Mike looked at me like I was crazy and actually said I was a bit pathetic and you said I was awesome!  I'm going with awesome.  Well I did it again last night! I was going to text you about it because of my happiness again.  It's because of this frigid weather.  I was so happy to be cozy inside with my family and NOT going out.  So in the spirit of your pins on keeping warm, here are my picks.

#1.  Chocolate caramel pudding cakes.  Who wouldn't want to eat these by the fire!


#2.  Fireplace.  I am obsessed with this fireplace.  It is a thing of beauty.


3.  This grey sheepskin.  Gorgeous!

grey sheepskin

#4.  A warm and stylish coat.  


Btw,  I really want those Lazy pants in white...maybe they would make a good valentines gift instead of Lingerie.  Sexy!