Amanda, On the topic of swimsuits, since I too, will be donning one soon... I picked out some faves.

However, I am quite weary about buying online after last year: do you recall my saga? I was so excited about a swimsuit purchase from Jcrew and anxiously awaited it's arrival in the mail. Then it came and looked horrendous. So then I returned it and purchased a new one, again super excited to try it on, sure that this one was the right choice. Again, massively disappointed. Had to return it a second time and finally got a third suit that I wore in Florida because I couldn't admit a third wrongdoing... Only to shop at Marshall's and find two swimsuits that I absolutely adore for 1/4 of the price of my Jcrew suit.

moral: don't buy Jcrew?

here are my pics:


imageI was thinking maybe this one, just to see the look on the in laws' faces when I emerged with it on to take the kids to the pool....granted, it wouldn't look exactly like this.


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