Kate, My mothers friend Jan always decorates her homes beautifully.  What I love the most about her homes are the beautiful touches that are everywhere.  She does not leave a room in her home without a special touch.  For instance, I always admired the beautiful heavy glass shells she had on the edge of her bathtub.  Seeing as I have kids that would surely use the glass shells as weapons of destructions I will not incorporate that beautiful idea in my bathroom!  What I have added though, in my masterbath, is a starfish.  The starfish was given to me by my aunt who lives in Laguna Beach, California.  It literally makes me smile every day.  Firstly, because it's beautiful and secondly, because it reminds me of how happy I am when I'm in Laguna with my family.  So, that's it!  Surround yourself with beautiful things in every room in your home and enjoy them!

Starfish 2

Starfish 1