Kate, Toronto got a serious dumping of snow yesterday.  On the bright side of things, it looked terribly beautiful and it was nice to cozy up by a fire.  So, you may ask why am I writing about swimsuits!?  Well because for the lucky folks, we get to escape to warmer weather to show off our pasty bodies.  Yahoo! (I remember in my early 20's going to tanning salons to avoid the pasty skin problem.  What was I thinking!?!)

Which brings me to the ever dreaded  excursion that is swimsuit shopping.  First of all, I will not be stepping inside any change room with bad lighting that shows off my every flaw. Why is the lighting so bad! Or do I actually look like!?  But if you must, I suggest you go armed with a song to sing in your head while trying the suits on...maybe a little Rupaul "Supermodel work!" (Ha ha ha, I'm just joking but not really.)  So here are the suits/bikinis that I'm decided through online.




Nanetteblk one piece

tan bikiniscalloped b

1. Free people 2. revolveclothing 3. asos and the last 4 are all available on shopbop.

Decisions, decisions...