Kate, We wanted to be surprised on the gender of our second child.  Unfortunately that meant that I couldn't or really didn't want to decorate a nursery until after the birth.  Cue to 5 months later and I finally finished it! Chinese New Year got my ass in gear.  A room with a sheet covering the crib and paint supplies everywhere did not seem like good feng shui.

The colour scheme was determined by a few things.  I bumped into a neighbour who studies numerology and among the many things she told me about Isla, one of them were the colours she should surround herself with, which were yellow and white.  Luckily, that was already what I was thinking.  I found grey bedding that I loved and the combination of white, grey and yellow has always been a favourite of mine.  (I know some of you may be thinking that I'm crazy for believing in numerology but she proceeding to tell my best friend all about herself so accurately that it freaked me out and left me a believer!)

So here's the finished product.  I hope Isla finds it as soothing and warm as I do.


I-close up chairI-art close up



I-IslaI-full shot 2

I-crib 3I-books