Kate, As you know I went to West elm last week.  It was quite an eventful trip thanks to the temper tantrum my two year old decided to have!  Before proceeding into the store we had a nice little conversation about not running in the store and listening to mommy with promises of frozen yogurt after if he was a good boy. (Yes, I bribe my child!)  Cue to a little munchkin running wildly through the store, grabbing the little fake birds and vases and then ending with him lying face down on the floor refusing to get up!  Actually the real ending was me picking him off the floor carrying a screaming, thrashing child out while trying to hide my face!  But before the big grand finale of Peter's tantrum I took a few shots of items that caught my eye.

west elm coffee table west elm brass lamp

West elm lamp west elm rug

I love the coffee table in the first picture.  It's an oldie but a goodie.  They've actually had it for a few years now.

I'm also really digging the brass lamp.  Really it could go anywhere, a bedside table, office, living room on a console or side table.

The pink lamp was my next favourite thing.  I picture it in my all white bedroom.  I love an unexpected pop of colour.

Lastly, the lovely chevron rug.  I find that a lot of chevron can be really severe but this beautiful rug is a soothing and softer  example of the trend.

 Ahhhh, I love West Elm.  Maybe next time I'll go by myself for a more productive outing!


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