I've been thinking a lot about trying to make the best of this very grey winter. I've come up with three ways to let the sunshine in and try to brighten my days.

1. The colour of the sun. It was risky painting the inside of my front door yellow but I always remind myself that it's JUST paint. The risk paid off because I love my yellow door... The pop of colour and the happiness it exudes when I glimpse it from the family room makes the three coats well worth it. Paint is: Farrow and Ball, Cushions are: Etsy

image image

2. Flowers.  Fresh flowers automatically conjure images of spring and summer. When everything is colorless outside you can at least brighten a room with something alive and colorful. My favourite flowers are peonies and tulips.

image image

3. Eat well.  Easier said than done. However, nothing feels worse than the frumpiness and heaviness of poor eating throughout the winter.  Healthy choices can put the spring in your step.


I've got one and two down pat.  Unfortunately, I still have some work to do on three.


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