Kate, I initially thought my new found attraction to pink was because I just had a baby girl but I am now realizing that I have stumbled upon an upcoming trend.  I think pink is going to be big this year.  It's not just any pink though.  The shade I'm attracted to is the palest blush.  This should look familiar to you as it was the object that started my obsession.  We saw it the evening we went to the West Elm event in December.

It's called "Party in a box" in Snowdrift from West elm.  I think it would look beautiful in a nursery or used as decoration for a baby shower or birthday.

Next I saw it next to this matte black mantel and fell even deeper in love.

This is an excellent example of how to keep it current and from looking like a piece that should be in a nursery.  Pair it with black and white.  Toughen it up with the brick, wood, a cowhide rug or leather chair.  I also love the idea of using silver or gold in a room with pink.

The fact that it's "in" really hit me in face when I saw it on house & home online as an upcoming trend this year.  I like the lamps industrial look in a pink shade, again it keeps it from looking too "baby."

This week Garance Dore even blogged about Pink in clothing.  She also seems to love that beautiful pale blush.  Take a look at her examples of it in clothing here.
I can't wait to incorporate it in my house this spring!  To be continued...

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