You know what I love? Magazines. I especially love the moments before you open one up... When they just look glossy and exciting and you wonder if you are going to find something inspiring within.
I always wait for a special time: quiet, no kids, uninterrupted, before I even ponder opening it up. Then I relish every page and try to read everything and then sometimes wait a couple of days and look at it again with a fresh mind.
Remember yesterday when you went to the bathroom at my house and you came out with the "House and Home" magazine and pointed out the fig leaf tree ? I hadn't seen it. I just didn't even notice it. I went back and glanced through the magazine a third time because I clearly missed stuff.
So rather than purge my magazines because I despise clutter, I am going to start holding on to them, you never know what you might rediscover?

Here are some of my faves:

Tonight I'm going to sit on the couch with the fireplace on and a cup of tea with that copy of Vogue. Lovely, right?

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