Kate, (and Mike)

Yesterday I bought something.  Oops!  Online shopping is too easy!  Really it's your fault because after I saw your instagram photo of your LOVE sign I knew I had to have one just like it.  So I bought JOY.

It's going to go above my mantel.  The truth is I have tried a lot of things above my mantel but I have never loved anything.  I think it's because I always pictured one thing above there but couldn't justify the expense.  Which brings me to Snob.  It's a store in Toronto that carries the piece I always pictured above my mantel.  Here it is,

I still love it but for now I will have JOY above my mantel for three reasons,
1) It was on sale.  (Dear husband- You can't get mad at my purchase because I saved us hundreds of dollars on this decision)
2) I think a HUGE constant reminder to be joyous is a wonderful thing!
3) I love the look of the industrial JOY piece against the brick.
Regardless of my decision for my mantel I would still like to go to Snob.  They have beautiful lighting as well.
Would you like to join me in my pilgrimage?