So remember I was loving the West Elm terrarium? I went out and bought it yesterday. After much debate I settled on the gold faceted terrarium but to my dismay they don't come with flora (west elm used to have a buffet of little plants and moss to complete the look.) I was forced to buy everything on my own at Plant World, however, the experience made me realize just how cheap and easy it can be to make a terrarium on my own. I didn't even need West Elm.
Here is mine below as well as instructions to make more:
How to make a terrarium

You need: soil, moss, a small succulent or cactus, any glass vase or jar (mason jars are cute and would make a great gift.)
To do: take a vase from your collection and place your succulent or cactus inside. I even kept my plant in its plastic pot. Then layer soil and moss, even little stones if you want to cover the plant pot.

Ta da! So easy.

I will be making more today. Maybe one for my bedroom or for one of the kids' bedrooms with a little dinosaur hiding in the moss.

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