My morning nursing session is when I scan through my favourite sites.  I usually find several things that I want to purchase!  Today I found one for the home and one for the face.

The first one is from Zara Home and I found it in the kids section.

While I think it would look super cute in a kids room, in my house, I'm picturing this at the back door or under my kitchen sink.  I think it would add a lot of fun to any room!
Best part, it's on sale!  
My second find is a pair of sunglasses that are also on sale.  I think, once again, that they are fun and would add some pizzaz to any outfit.  Here they are,
I'm picturing these with some red lipstick and a high bun.  Super glam!  
So, what do you think?  For $27.00 bucks is it a no brainer?

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