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Loving now

Kate, Sweater

This sweater is the bomb! I'm thinking it's one of those ones that once you have it you wish you bought it in every colour just so that you could wear it every day.  Or you know when you buy something you love and slowly it pills or fades or gets a hole and you think " I should have bought 3 of them"... I think this is one of those sweaters.  The drop shoulder, the perfect slouch, the warmth, the length, the fit are sublime.  This is easy yet stylish dressing at it's best. Seriously, it's a no brainer which is why I am going to ask for it in multiple colours for Christmas.  I'm hoping to get the colour above at an Artizia store since it's sold out on line and then after Christmas getting the light grey and black for a deal.  Can I make it any easier for you dear husband!






Kate, Packing 4

Packing 1

Packing 2

Packing 3

Packing 5

I've heard through the grapevine that you are a master packer.  I'm not surprised by this. Katherine told me that when the four of you showed up in New York that you only had one bag!? Is that the truth?  If so, you need to give me a lesson because I think I'm awesome packing 2 bags for the 4 of us.

I've always been the type of packer who puts together outfits so that I don't end up having a lot of extras that I never wear.  I also try and keep jewelry and shoes to a minimum by packing lightweight and neutral choices. When I backpacked through Australia and Europe I always put all my tops, pants, sweaters in separate bags so that I could just pull them out easily and stay organized.  The above are some of the outfits I came up with for Nelson B.C this summer.  I'm thinking this next trip to Hawaii will consist of a lot of dresses instead which will hopefully keep my packing to a minimum.

Speaking of which I need to get moving on laundry and packing for 3 ASAP!  If anyone has any tips or tricks with packing please share!



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Leopard pumps and other goodies

Kate, shoes 1

shoes 2

You want to know the problem with Birks?  They are so darn comfortable that you wear them with just about anything and then end up with a pretty distinct tan line on your feet.  If you look at the top picture it's kinda hard to miss the mark across my feet!  I guess I need to start applying sunscreen to my feet as well.  Anyways, I've been looking for a pair of leopard shoes for a while and although there are plenty I liked these were the winners.  You can find them here and they are on sale.  Club Monaco has a beautiful collection of shoes.  Especially all the new fall stuff.  If you don't want to order online and live in Toronto the Bay and Bloor location apparently has the entire collection.

Mike kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday but I took care of it myself.  I bought these amazing coated moto jeans.  They are ridiculously comfortable.  I live in black skinnies so I wanted to add a little versatility to my wardrobe with a coated pair.  Speaking of black skinnies though, I need a new pair as my last ones had holes in the bum which I didn't figure out until after I got home...that was really fun, showing off my bare bum without knowing it!  I have several pairs I'm liking right now.  You can find them here, here, here and here.

Last but not least.  These shades are my new favourite.  I love the matte black and big frame. They are available online and in the states in CA, NJ or Hawaii.  Lucky for me I'm going to Hawaii in a week so I'm hoping that they have that exact pair there.

Happy Friday!


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Lapin Calin

Kate, Clothes for Isla

Last week I bought the above clothes for Isla.  It's by this line called Tea and it's carried at Lapin Calin.  Have you been there?  And if so, why haven't you told me about it!  It's right on Brentwood across from the Library.  We've passed it countless times together.  The truth is that whenever I'm on that side of Bloor shopping doesn't really enter my mind.  It's either library, starbucks, bake sale or rainbow songs.  I was getting my nails done last week and parked on Brentwood. I had a few minutes to spare and ended up staying a bit longer then expected because everything was so cute.  I really love that there is such a wonderful children's boutique right in The Kingsway.

Lapin 2

Lapin 3

Lapin 5

Lapin 6

Lapin 7

Lapin 9

I'm pretty stoked that there's a place 5 min from home that has great clothing, shoes, blankets, backpacks and baby necessities.  The gift options are endless.  I also love the line Tea.  As you can see it's all adorable.  If you live in the west end it's definitely a store to check out.


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The Hat

Kate, Hat

Ack! I can't believe it's been a week since I've last posted.  It's just been one of those non-stop weeks where I feel like I haven't had a moment to myself.  Actually, that's kinda a lie since the one moment I had I decided to read my book and relax after a crazy hectic weekend.  As you know, it was Peter's birthday and we decided to host two parties instead of our usual one huge one.  Can't honestly say which was easier.  All I can say though is I've been playing catch up all week.

On to the new hat I purchased yesterday.  I love hats.  I think they just elevate the simplest of outfits.  It makes it look as though you actually tried when really all you did was throw on a hat! There's also the most practical of reasons behind it as well.  I constantly forget to put on sunscreen.  I know, shame on me.  I have a nice little sunspot on my cheek to prove it.  I lecture myself all the time.  Does it change  Throwing on a hat is my solution.  I had a great one that I bought several years ago but after being stuffed into too many suitcases it is now mangled.  I went on the look out for a similar looking hat and found one at Gap.  Tried it on, was going to purchase it when I thought I'd try on the above hat just in case.  It is soooooo comfortable that I didn't care that I didn't like it quite as much.  I will wear this all the time! Here's a picture of me in it...I don't know why it feels so strange putting pictures of myself up on the blog but it does make me feel a tad embarrassed!  Me

Which brings me to asking- am I the only one that isn't religious about putting on sunscreen?