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Okay, I have talked about my idea to do a fondu night to sooooooo many people and planned it soooooo many times that it is almost a joke.  I have tried to do it at least 3 times and it kept getting cancelled for various reasons.  Last night the plan was to go out for dinner with a few of my friends in the spirit of (excuse of) Christmas and of course Mike's flight got cancelled and therefore, so did my night out but luckily fondu night came to the rescue.  My whole idea was to replicate an experience I had in Paris 4 years ago.  We went to this hole in the wall in Montmartre that was recommended to us for fondu and I loved it.  They served us a cheese fondu and a broth to do meat fondu with a side of charcuterie. It was so cozy and warm and great for enjoying conversation and wine. The essential thing is that your charcuterie platter must have something crisp to cut the richness.  Think fruit, pickles, olives, nuts.

I picked a fondu recipe that had Champagne in it instead of Sherry because I wanted to start the evening off with something crisp and bubbly and if the bottles already open then you must partake, right!  Also I must say that this is super easy and fast to prepare.  I think it took me 15 min tops to get everything ready.  I went to the cheese store and asked for them to grate the emmentaler and I roughly chopped the brie.  While there you can pick up everything else.  Which ever meats, olives, pickles, nuts and dried fruits you like and then finish it off with some cubed baguette.  I also did a side of boiled new potatoes which is good for those that are gluten free. You can also do asparagus, apples, pears and mushrooms.

Here's the recipe I used courtesy of Bride & Groom - First and Forever cookbook (the title makes me laugh)

We ended the night with salted caramel ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and nutella rice crispy squares.  I'm actually happy that our night out was cancelled!  Also, if I promised you a fondu night I will follow through because like I said it was too easy and too good not to do again.  As for where to find a fondu set...I would head to your parents storage area like I did.